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The Stage
Worlds End
6 August 2007

“Most of us have been there. The place - perhaps a world's end - where the only option is to leave or be left forever and where explanations are both desperately needed and utterly pointless. Paul Sellar’s new play is a heart-felt, testosterone-driven and deeply satirical take on love and loss, situated in the wasteland of a relationship break-up. Or more precisely - in Paul Robinson's masterfully executed production - in amongst quickly disappearing belongings, rolls of bubble wrap and cardboard boxes marked 'fragile' and 'handle with care'. Although Sellar’s writing is occasionally too showy and towards the end acquires a tendency for over-explanation, his storytelling is well-paced and his characters compelling. This is enhanced by a truly wonderful cast. Merryn Owen's delightfully choleric Ben is matched by Fiona Button's delicate but endlessly patient Kat in a way which makes it perfectly obvious how they could have loved each other to destruction. And even though this may be a place you wouldn't be eager to visit again, you should, both for its powerful cathartic effect and for the artistry with which it is achieved.”

Duska Radosavljevic