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The Gold Killing


Radio Times - Critic's Choice

"The Gold Killing, Paul Sellar’s follow up to his acclaimed 2014 crime caper The Moonflask, is a gritty two part thriller that cements his place within the vanguard of the genre."

Guardian - Radio Choice

"The Gold Killing, an engaging thriller in two parts… Robert Glenister plays a rough diamond… helping Russian oligarchs via a corrupt peer to invest in West African mining. Clearly this is a mistake…"

David Hepworth
The Mail on Saturday - Weekend Supplement Radio Choice

"A gritty, well written thriller."

Daily Mail - Critic's Choice/Radio

"This two parter about mafia money and a gold mine hits a rich seam of drama and intrigue right from the off."

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Susan Jeffreys
Radio Times - Critic's Choice & Pick of the Day

"Robert Glenister packs a punch as likeable bruiser Joe in a role that fits him like a glove."

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Tom Goulding