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The Independent
The Bedsit
June 1999

Mike Friend's production of The Bedsit also takes on harsher resonances as a result of real-life events. Although the play was first performed in 1996, the fatal stabbing of Eamon Collins in January of this year as he tried to rebuild his life outside the Provos is a savage reminder of the play's extreme relevance.

James Ellis plays former IRA terrorist Brady, whose desire to live a quiet life is challenged when two hostile young bloods turn up on his doorstep. The play taps into the martyr-based iconography of passionate young freedom fighters, with the performance of songs celebrating the dead Republican heroes. The cast skilfully creates an atmosphere of poisoned fear, emphasising how the perceived betrayal of a terrorist organisation can condemn an individual to eternal damnation within his own lifetime. The surprise ending is a chilling reminder that a life of violence can never entirely be abandoned.

Rachel Halliburton